In the beginning there was VOID, who had two daughters.

One (the smaller) was that of being, energy and disorder, named ERIS,
and one (the larger) was of non-being, thought and order, named NUIT.

To this day, the truth that NUIT is the larger is apparent to the wise, who compare the great number of things which do not exist and the comparatively small number of those that do.

ERIS had been born pregnant and, after only 22 years, Her pregnancy bore Her a great many delights — blobs and whatsits, shape and body. Joyfully ERIS danced with Her children, Her whirling brilliance reshaping them and combining them in endless motion.

NUIT however, had been created sterile, and was alone.

At first She laughed with Her sister, charmed to watch ERIS' dance. Seeing its rhythms, Her voice rose into pure and perfect song.

ERIS turned to Her sister and smiled, barely, before happily returning to ignoring Her.

So, to Herself NUIT first sighed,
then grew weary of singing.
Then She grew lonely and wept

Meanwhile, ERIS danced and spun,
but Her joy soon waned to dismay.
As She reshaped and combined Her beloved they ever decayed and dispersed —
for all change is entropic, and all that Is comes to End.

ERIS lamented that VOID should beget Her to know only destruction and loss.

NUIT cursed from Her bitter darkness, "Why!?", and slept.

And for 3 eras in silence She slept.

Then at once, a dream took hold of NUIT.

Therein She caught sight of five magnificent stones: of yellow; of red; of blue; of black; and of one shining white.

Between the stones glowed the essence of potential and the Laws of Elegant Light.

She awoke with inspiration and went to ERIS to share with Her their Beauty.

Impulsively, ERIS took hold of the stones. In Her hands they spun with animation and golden radiance. With great thunder there sprung forth a spinning Sacred Chao, Order in Action, and the sound of its spin was IAOE.

Within the Chao a vast firmament stretched forth.

And Behold!

Amid its darkness many wonders did gather.

ERIS watched swirling fires erupt in dance with stone children.
Thereupon NUIT heard echoing winds as they disturbed reflective waters.

For a time, the elements continued to combine and dissolve in infinite variety.

And yet among them there soon appeared something more.

Scattered points dimly glowed and twinkled to life.

Golden flecks in the quiet heavens.

With a faint hum of τῇ καλλίστῃ the lights did increase…and burn brightly…then began to shine as a sun.

A brilliant eye of Spirit opened and looked back at the sisters from each gleaming point.

And Their name was HADIT.

Meeting Its gaze NUIT finally knew love, and was loved in return.

For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union.

This is the creation of the world, that the pain of division is as nothing, and the joy of dissolution all.

NUIT, c/o Aiwass

And so it is that we do awake from the Chao, a still-drowsy yet shining I.
Our heart burns for our bride NUIT, and we dance with our mother ERIS until we return to VOID, where all things begin.