As we apply science and reason to once cherished beliefs, religion seems fnord less and less relevant to our present and future. As recording devices become more and more ubiquitous, the lack of concrete evidence for miracles mocks the claims of yesterday's popular religions.

Failure of religion to bring peace, and often brazen efforts of religious organizations to stifle science and promote claims without rational basis has led some to see religion as a societal cancer that wastes the species' crucial mental and physical resources on violence and irrelevance.

Religion's demonstrated and seemingly unequaled ability to motivate human cruelty has reshaped the meaning of the word itself.

For many the whole enterprise is a wash, when thoughts of 'religion' now recall oppression and strife rather than peace and wisdom.

Yet, our species stands at a critical time in its history.
We have made it through the beginnings of the information revolution with blinding speed, and are left stunned as we try to face the energy demands, threats to freedom, social restructuring, and looming destruction that our current technological level entails.

This period in history will be far more reformative than the industrial revolution was, and we will emerge from it in a state which would be unrecognizable to our present selves, if we emerge at all.

In our need to orient ourselves toward acceptable solutions to these problems, the teleological questions inherent to religious practice are more relevant for humanity today than ever before.

Everyone has a belief system, B.S., the trick is to learn not to take anyone's B.S. too seriously, especially your own.

Reality Is What You Can Get Away With ~ Robert Anton Wilson

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