Erisian Tarot Spread

As we learn in The Honest Book of Truth, Fred 1:6, when order is at its strongest, disorder escalates. Eris is at her most apparent when emerging from the stark backdrop of Order.

The Erisian spread can only be done once, when a new deck is opened.

  1. Remove the fresh cards from the pack and shuffle. The first card you a]drop, b]accidentally flip around, or c]otherwise shamefully mangle is your center card, remove it and set it on the table. If your hours spent practicing card tricks in middle school have finally paid off, and your shuffle was perfect, place a card face down on the table instead.
  2. When you think the deck is reasonably shuffled, draw one card, placing it next to the center card.
  3. Turn the rest of the deck face up and fan through it. Ask yourself if they look shuffled, is it random enough yet? Decide if you want to keep shuffling, or leave it as is. What did you see that made you decide? If you kept shuffling, how much longer do you think it needs?
  4. When you're done, cut the deck once and draw a card, placing it on the opposite side of the center card.
  5. If you have a face down card from step 1, turn it over now. If one of your cards is the deck publisher's logo that you forgot to remove in step 1, congratulations - you are the lucky winner of 2 flax.

The meaning of the spread is Self-explanatory.