Today is the first day of the rest of your liff.

Jan 5Mungday{Ch5|(∞)
Jan 11Deathday of Aaron Swartz{Ch11|(03179)
Feb 19Chaoflux{Ch50|(∞)
Feb 29St. Tib's Day{St.Tib|(∞)
Mar 14Feast of Coalescence{Co75|(?)
Mar 19Mojoday{D5|(∞)
Apr 8 -
Apr 10
Festival of Aiwass{D25| -
Apr 20Honoring of St. Gulik{D37|(?)
May 3Discoflux{D50|(∞)
May 22 -
June 18
Abstention of Morpheus (traditional){D69| -
May 31Syaday{Co5|(∞)
Jun 23Festival of Turing{Co28|(03078)
July 15Confuflux{Co50|(∞)
July 23Festival of Sothis{Co58|(03139)
Aug 12Zaraday{B5|(∞)
Sept 23Epiphany of St. TRIMTAB{B47|(03093)
Sept 26Bureflux{B50|(∞)
Oct 12
2:24 PM
Oct 24Maladay{A5|(∞)
Nov 8Birthday of Aaron Swartz{A20|(03152)
Nov 11Trides of Immanency{A23|(∞)
Dec 8Afflux{A50|(∞)
Dec 23Festivus{A65|(03163)

Upcoming Solar Events

Mar 20Northward Equinox{D6|
Jun 21Northern Solstice{Co26|
Sept 23Southward Equinox{B47|
Dec 22Southern Solstice{A64|