Libber V Signs

The sign of Silence

Raise your finger to your closed lips.

The sign of LOGOS

An evocative posture of Mercury. With your elbows at your sides, raise your hands to cup the sides of the mouth, as if calling or whispering.

  • Direction: Up-Eastward
  • Element: Air
  • #8
  • Who: THOTH
  • Fourfold Name: YHVH

The sign of RAY'S

An evocative posture of the Sun. Raise your arms to the heavens and look upward, basking in sunlight. Your hands are spread open with palms facing you.

  • Direction: Up-Sunward
  • Element: Fire
  • #6
  • Who: ERIS
  • Fourfold Name: ADNI

The sign of DEATH

An evocative posture of Venus. Cross your arms over your chest and rest a hand on each shoulder, to form an X over the heart.

  • Direction: Down-Westward
  • Element: Water
  • #7
  • Who: EYSIS
  • Fourfold Name: AHIH

The sign of JUNK

An evocative posture of Earth. With legs spread and stable, bow your head and cup your hands on your genitals.

  • Direction: Down-Poleward
  • Element: Earth
  • #9 upon 10
  • Who: NUIT upon He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named
  • Fourfold Name: AGLA

The sign of the Bornless God


The sign of BEAUTY

Stretch your arms out to either side, raised to shoulder level. Your palms are face up.

The sign of UMBRA

An invocative posture of the Moon. Stand on the tips of your toes and lean forward slightly, balancing on a precipice. Keep your arms raised at shoulder level as in the sign of BEAUTY. Other exhausting activities are equally viable.

Libber V is presented using only the evocative postures - the sign of UMBRA is the only invocative posture used. However, the other three postures may be switched out for respective invocative forms as desired:

The sign of FOLLE

An invocative posture of Mercury. Cover your eyes.

The sign of BURN

An invocative posture of the Sun. Give Van Van Mojo's sign outwardly with both hands.

The sign of IMAGE

An invocative posture of Venus. Touch your left thumb to your right, your left first finger to right first finger, and left pinky to right pinky. Curl your two middle fingers on each hand downward and place your hands so that their four tips are at your heart. Look down through the space created.